George Guo Bing Ting


Yi Jia International Group Founder and Board Chairman

George Guo Bing Ting 

He is a master of creating dreams, a man who has brought hope to countless individuals;

He is a master of realizing dreams, a man who has changed the lives of thousands;

He is a master trainer who leads by example, who has conducted over a thousand public talks and seminars, reaching millions as a result;

He is a well-respected entrepreneur who has been active in the world of philanthropy for many years, a man who has provided much-needed help and support to vulnerable groups and society;

He is a thinker who integrates knowledge with action, different schools of thought with personal experience, and training techniques with the industrial culture , to create a top-notch training system (known as the“West Point of the industry”) that has trained up waves of industry elites who have gone on to achieve legendary results;

He is known as the industry titan who walks the talk, who achieves results, and who is a great moral model to all!

In 2004, when he founded Yi Jia International, he set himself the target of creating “a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams and an environment that builds our home around love”. Today, he remains fully committed to this vision and is willing to dedicate his life to its fulfilment!

I have a DREAM

I remember that when I first started out as a working adult, I had asked myself this question very often: “How should I lead my life?” At that time, my thoughts had centered on working hard, accumulating a plentiful amount of wealth, leading a lavish lifestyle, drawing the envy of others, allowing my family to live comfortably, etc. All these I achieved one by one after years of efforts. But then I began to ask myself: “Is this all my life is going to be about? Don’t tell me my life will only be measured in financial terms! Am I going to spend my life working to earn the envious glances of others?”

When I realized that there were many people around me who had been unable to realize their dearly-held dreams – despite all their hard work and sacrifices – as they did not have the opportunities, experience, methods, and that they had to be content with their life, I began to ask myself: “What can I do for them?”

The questioning intensified when I witnessed how the vulnerable groups in society and the children suffering from the disease, poverty, natural disasters or the loss of their parents, were struggling to make ends meet. These children needed help, care and love; they also needed access to education. I asked myself over and over, “What can I do for these children?” I could not simply sit on the side-lines and go on with life when these children were suffering! Because I had witnessed their plight, I knew that there was no way I could pretend that they did not exist. There was no way that I was going to selfishly ignore their plight!

It was then that an idea hit me. “What is the key to my success?” I asked myself. My personal efforts had figured only about 1% in my success, while the other 99% came from the opportunities that society and the people around me had given me. The root of my success was clear, and it was time for me to pay it forward.

To Create A Platform That Builds Opportunities to Realize Dreams

A friend from the U.S. once asked me: “Why did you start up Yi Jia International?” I responded, “You must know why you join us? For Beauty and for Youth! For Dream and Success! And the most important is for LOVE!”

The response had come right out without much forethought. Although I did not have a good command of English, my thoughts had come forth in a smooth, unhindered stream, because I had been formulating these hopes for years!

10 years ago, I made the most important decision in my life: to establish Yi Jia International in order to realize the dream of my life.

Over the last decade, I have worked to establish a platform where dreams can indeed come true. With this platform, those who have dreams will be able to realize them and find their life values with our help and support even if they lack the background, experience, methods, or otherwise! It will be possible for these individuals to change their lives and to attain happiness!

And this is my dream, the motivation for me to push forward despite many challenges ahead!

To Build Our Home Around Love

As I led more and more individuals on the road to success and financial stability, I told myself, this was just the beginning! Yi Jia International’s exclusive line of products has brought youth and beauty to users while our career platform has also created growth and success opportunities for our partners. Our corporate culture resembles clear stream that cleans and nourishes people’s hearts. If we make the pursuit of wealth our one and only goal, when wealth is accumulated to a certain point we will quickly lose all motivation, sense of self as well as sense of direction. 

When we have achieved success, we must help more people achieve changes in their lives and to make their dreams come true. However, this is not enough: once we have achieved a financial foundation, we must provide support for the good of society. Our help to others must extend to as many people as possible in all possible ways!

Today, not only does our company work to meet our market performance targets, we have also established social targets. In this light, we have set up Yi Jia Foundation. Engaging in charity and public good is certainly not for the sake of earning kudos. Our efforts for society stem from a sincere desire to make lives better.

To Build Our Home Around Love

Today, there are many individuals around us in need of a helping hand. This is why we must work even harder to sustain our business so that we will be able to draw on more resources for such help. Yi Jia Foundation project provides children in need with material aid; but more importantly, it also provides beneficiaries with care and emotional support. We must encourage these children and provide even more warmth in their lives so that they may grow up without self-abasement, bitterness or animosity and go on to live happy lives and pay it forward in adulthood.

And this is the “Home around love” that we wish to establish, a Home where every heart is able to seek shelter. Here, we want to illuminate everyone’s future with as much light as possible!

Every bit of love counts, no matter “great” or “small”, since every single bit stems from the heart. What matters is that we desire to make lives better! Only in this way can we pass on the spark of love and light to even more individuals who then in turn join us in our project of love, and only in this way will we be able to earn the recognition and respect of even more people! We live not just for happiness but for dignity!

And this is the dream I have committed my life to.

To Establish The Yi Jia Era

The ancient Greek god Achilles gave up his life in Troy for the sake of honor and dignity. After his death, he was given the title of Greatest Warrior of Greece of all time. This was the legend of the Achilles era. Before he set out for Troy, Achilles had asked his mother whether he ought to go. His mother responded: My dear child, you may stay, marry a beautiful woman, and have beautiful children in a happy and blissful life. You would eventually grow old and leave this world. Years and years on, no one would remember you. My dear, if you go to Troy, I will lose my son, but no matter how many years on, when they speak of our time, they will remember this as Achilles’ era! And so Achilles set out for Troy and laid down his life there. Over 3000 years has passed since, and when we speak of that historical period, many of us do not know how many kings there were, or their names. However, we all know that it was an age of heroes, the greatest of whom undoubtedly was Achilles.

Dear partners, life is short, and there are only so many material comforts we can enjoy in life. So why do we walk through the doors of Yi Jia International today? At first we did it for Youth, for Beauty, for Dreams, for Wealth, for Success; however, when we progress to a certain point with Yi Jia, we should come up with more ideas so that we can rightly say, I am part of the legend that they are talking about, and so that we can proudly tell the world, I am no bystander but a participant and leader in this legendary tale!

We may not be able to leave sufficient financial wealth for our descendants, but the spiritual wealth that we leave behind for them will run from one generation to the next! Years and years later, when they speak about our time in history, they would say that it was a time of heroes who had achieved extraordinary change in the lives of thousands of people and who had brought warmth and love to countless people at the same time!  They were Yi Jia people! They had lived in a dazzlingly exciting era, the Yi Jia era!