About Us

About Us


The YJ International Group, founded on March 28, 2004, has over 20 subsidiaries around the world. The Group is engaged in a wide variety of businesses in fields that cover cosmetics, jewellery, travel and tourism, e-commerce, investment, real estate, finance management, education, high-tech products, etc.

YJ International owns an in-house Research and Development facility that comprise of an extraction centre, a test laboratory and a team of the world’s top specialists and engineers. MAIONE, the Group’s flagship brand, has millions of loyal supporters who had experienced its benefits in more than 20 countries in the world today. Unrivalled in its entrepreneur platform and superior educational and training system, YJ International has helped countless business partners enhance their individual disposition, achieve success in a short time, realize dreams and lead a fruitful life!

Following over a decade of steady growth, YJ International has built a powerful empire and a strong reputation. Over the years, the Group has remained committed to using the MAIONE line of products as the core of its business model operations, and marketing it as the world’s leading anti-aging brand. Armed with the unlimited potential and tremendous business opportunities in this industry, YJ International strives to create the most promising entrepreneur platform and help more people to realize their dreams and goals!

Canada Branch Burnaby Office

Metro Tower ll Suite 2335, 4720 Kingsway Burnaby, BC, V5H4N2, Canada
Tel:+1 778 379 0118
Fax:+1 778 379 1108

Canada Branch Richmond Office

Suite220, 4600 Jacombs Road, Richmond, V6V 3B1, BC
Tel:+1 778 379 0118
Fax:+1 778 379 1108

U.S. Branch Office

136-33 37th Avenue, Suite#10B, Flushing, New York,USA
Tel:+1(917) 935-6505
Fax:+1(818) 748-9215

Vancouver, Canada

New York

New York, USA